All Our Activities Are Aimed At Supporting Research

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No Pain Foundation is dedicated to encouraging pain therapy management research while supporting collaborations and projects which are essential to accelerate progress. No Pain Foundation promotes also its own research for gathering data about chronic pain on Malta.
No Pain Foundation is also devoted to attracting young, talented researchers who shall become the next generation of leaders in this field. In many cases, the Foundation grants and fellowships awards intended to help researchers gather enough preliminary data to make them eligible for much larger grants from national and international institutes


Our goal is to improve people’s QUALITY OF LIFE. We aim to achieve this through:


Providing support for basic research that increases understanding of the biological processes underpinning chronic pain and diseases, and undertaking research on conditions and diseases that cause a poor quality of life.

Training and support

Funding training and providing support for the next generation of medical researchers to address research issues of the future.

Skills and results

Providing opportunities to facilitate collaborative research and the transfer of research skills and knowledge, and providing support to disseminate research results beyond scientific media to those who can bring about a change in healthcare policies and practice.