Providing Care To Patients Suffering From Chronic Pain

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Your donation will go for the provision of care to patients suffering from chronic pain by supporting them with medical opinions and pain management. Pain is the symptom which mostly undermines the physical and psychological integrity of sick persons and which causes most anxiety to relatives, while also largely impacting quality of life both during and after sickness. The crucial moment that marks the passage from acute to chronic pain is characterised by the development of peripheral sensitisation and central sensitisation mechanisms.

Chronic pain (ranging from moderate to severe) affects 19% of adults in Europe. Pain severely undermines patients’ quality of life, both social and work-related. A small percentage of patients are under the care of a pain management specialist, and only 40% have received adequate pain management therapies. Moreover chronic pain is associated with a considerable social cost: More than half of chronic pain patients may suffer partial or totally disablement for long periods of time

Unmanaged pain

More than half of hospitalised patients endure pain which is not adequately managed with therapies.

Pain relief

It is important to note the characteristics of the reported pain, its antalgic development, administered drugs and relative doses, and the antalgic results achieved.

Chronic pain

It should be recalled that chronic pain triggers the activation of nociceptors when damage can no longer be repaired. This pain first manifests itself in acute situations but persists due to causes which are not directly related to the initial cause.