Become a Volunteer

We need you.

How can I help?

Any kind of help is appreciated! Volunteers can offer some of their time in the many public initiatives which are organised to raise funds for the Foundation. Voluntary activities include the presence of volunteers in our stations during the activities of No Pain Foundation as well as active participation in public and private events.

Volunteer Kit

Our volunteers are given a Volunteer Kit that includes a T-shirt, an ID badge, a lanyard as well as informative material. These tools will identify you as an official volunteer of No Pain Foundation, and you will be an authorised fundraiser and promoter of No Pain Foundation. Only those holding an identification card are authorised to collect donations for the implementation of projects.

Other ways to help




If you own a company and can help by offering free services, equipment or material (translations, prints, stationary, shipments, flights, locations etc.) you are welcome to join us! Please do contact us.

If you are a doctor, you are especially welcome to join us in our educational events so that you may share your expertise with other medical professionals. Please contact us and send us your CV.

If you can dedicate some of your time for any one of the many public fundraising initiatives, you are most welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

How To Apply?

Can you spare some of your time for others?

Please contact us on and tell us about yourself.