No Pain Foundation’s study on chronic pain in the Maltese population

The No Pain Foundation is launching a large-scale study on chronic pain. The Ministry for Health and the Directorate for Health Information and Research (DHIR) are supporting the No Pain Foundation on this research – it is the first research collaboration with a Non-Governmental Organisation. The research will the studying the prevalence and treatment of chronic pain in Malta, together with its impact on social and daily life.

The aim of No Pain Foundation’s research is to obtain data regarding the prevalence of persons who suffer from chronic pain, how this pain is affecting their daily life, and whether the pain is being adequately treated.

«Pain is a common health state in many chronic diseases and chronic pain itself can be considered a chronic health condition in respect to health care policy.» points out Silvana Fanalista, President of the No Pain Foundation, «Although chronic pain is common, there is currently little published robust pan-European and Maltese epidemiological data on it and its impact on sufferer’s quality of life and economical burden for both sufferers, their families and health and social systems.»

In order to implement congruent health-care policies there is an urgent need to evaluate the prevalence of chronic pain condition within the Maltese population and to explore how individuals perceive their pain, the impact it has on their lives, their perception of the attitudes of others towards their pain, treatments received and its adequacy.

«All data gathered will be of course anonymous. The trained interviewers will have access only to the subject’s phone number, which will not be captured on the questionnaire; interviewers will not retrieve any other personal information (full name and last name, address, phone numbers or else) that may hamper the anonymous nature of the questionnaire. The filled questionnaires will be numbered progressively and will be stored till the end of the study at the No Pain Foundation offices. Only NPF authorized members will have access to the questionnaires.  The study protocol has been approved by the Ministry of Health’s Health Ethics Committee.» assures Mauro Mario, Secretary General of the Maltese No Pain Foundation «If respondents will feel particularly sensitised by the surveys’ topic and they will feel they need further information on it, the NPF contact number and web-site ( will be offered to them at the end of the interview, should they wish to follow up.» continued Mario Mario, a chronic pain sufferer himself.