SIP Pre-symposium 7th June 2017, Valletta – Malta
4-7 MAY 2017 Malta

The SIP 2017 Symposium, hosted in Malta under the Calendar of the Maltese Presidency of the EU Council places a wake-up call  to all concerned with individuals suffering from chronic pain in Malta, including civil society, professionals and policy makers, to take this unique opportunity to raise awareness for the need for timely action in this area.

The program of the pre-symposium is set by No Pain Foundation, Malta Health Network and SIP Malta. It will offer clinical views while sharing best practices in pain policy available internationally and locally. Within the same forum, the views of civil society and the impact that lobbying has had so far in addressing the situation in various ways will also be discussed. In the presence of politicians and policy makers, it will be an opportunity to discuss a consensus statement which addresses the societal impact of pain on Malta.

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