SIP 2017 Symposium takes place under the auspice of the Maltese Presidency 7-9 June 2017, Valletta – Malta
7/8/9 June 2017 Malta

In 2017 the Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) platform is organizing its symposium on the 8-9 June in Valetta, Malta under the agenda of the under the auspices of the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU.

SIP 2017 will aim to have a lasting political impact by addressing the subject of ‘structured cooperation between healthcare systems’ a topic due to be addressed by the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU. Focusing on areas of EU policy that affect pain care the SIP Symposium brings together international experts in the field of pain care, along with patient representatives, policy makers and other stakeholders in the field of pain policy.

The scientific framework of the “Societal Impact of Pain” (SIP) platform is under the responsibility of the European Pain Federation EFIC. Cooperation partners for SIP 2017 are Pain Alliance Europe (PAE) and Active Citizenship Network (ACN). The SIP 2017 symposium is co-hosted by the No Pain Foundation and the Malta Health Network.

About 200–250 participants representing all stakeholder groups involved in pain policy (health care professionals, pain policy advocates, politicians, regulators, budget holders, representatives of patient groups, health insurance organisations and health authorities) from all over Europe are expected to attend.

Conclusions from the different working groups will be offered to policy makers which will hopefully contribute to the policy-making process of the EU and national governments.