SIP Flyer 2017

The Social Impact of Pain (SIP) 2017 symposium

We are pleased to provide you with this flyer for the Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) Symposium 2017. It has been designed using the colours of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU and represents an overview and summary of the event with some basic logistical information. It has been approved by the Maltese Presidency team for further distribution.
Please use this flyer to promote SIP 2017 wherever possible (e.g. in meetings, on your website etc.) to raise awareness of the event.

Please insert in the article this picture (not in the slide show but as in the sample here) i really like if it is possible to click on the picture and open it much bigger. i really like if you are able to leave the picture of the flyer on the left and the TXT on the right of the picture.
here you can find i will send you NEWS1 that must be use as picture in the slide show in the homepage.